Sending an Array Without a Form (PHP5)

I am relatively new to PHP, so this may be a simple question but my research has not yielded succesful results and I am hoping some of the bright minds here might be able to point me in the right direction…

I have a Flex application which transfers an array of values to a server using AMFPHP. Unfortunately I cannot use a database to store this Array, so I need some way to transfer the array to another PHP page. The Flex app calls a function in my PHP file, which sets a PHP variable. All I need to do is navigate to another PHP file which can call the array (which is full of values to populate the page). There is no html on the original page, so I can’t use a form, I dont want to use querystrings because there are a LOT of values, so I thought Sessions would be the way to go, but that hasn’t worked either. Any ideas on this??