Sending email in MX/php

im trying to put together a section on my webpage where people can send me email. i had a friend set up the php aspect and tested it and it works. as for the flash part i set that up using a tutorial i found here:

so i have two questions:

1: i changed the initial actionscript to send the variables to a separate url (see below: the part that says “snowMailPHP.php”)as my server does not work with php. the php script then sends it to my email on my sever. when i test it out nothing is getting to my email box. any ideas?

2: how can i set this up so that after the email is sent by flash it will let the user know by saying “email sent” and clearing the forms…?

you can see my page at:

here is the actionscript i used on the send button:

on (release) {
if (!Email.length || Email.indexOf("@") == -1 || Email.indexOf(".") == -1) {
EmailStatus = “Please enter a valid E-mail address”;

else if (!FirstName.length) {
	EmailStatus = "Please Enter your name before Sending";

else if (!ToComments.length) {
	EmailStatus = "Please enter some text in you message";

else {
	loadVariablesNum ("snowMailPHP.php", "0", "Post");
    EmailStatus = "Sending... one Moment .. or two.. sometimes it's faster then other times";


much thanks for any advise!!!

If you are saying that your PHP script is on another server, you need to give the absolute path. But I am not sure whether its going to execute as you need to have permission for it.

Regarding the second question, EmailStatus is the dynamic textbox in your Flash where that message is displayed that the e-mail has been sent after the PHP is executed. You can clear the input fields but just saying inputField=""

I hope I got your question correct and hope this helps!!

the path that i gave it was somthing like:

would that be the absolute path you are speaking of? as far as having permission we tested it out and it send email to my account. am i missing something?

thanks again,

I am not sure you can execute a PHP on someother server like that. Usually server side scripts do not have execute permission to others. Instead you can move your Flash file onto that server and that should work. I am currently using the same thing on one of my applications and its working perfectly!