Sending Flash Form Data to Excel File?

Note *** This will not be running online. This will be running from a CD locally. So no PHP.

The flash file will be turned into a projector file(exe) from flash. Clients will be filling out a survey that will need to be sent to the excel file(xls or any other supported format). I am looking to have a flash form send all it’s information to an excel file. Will also need it to save separate excel files or update the one excel file… What are the best ways to getting this done?

it will be ran on Windows at all times since the client will be running it on their pc and having their clients fill it out in front of them. it would be a lot easier doing it online, but they want to be able to travel around with their laptops. they wont be connected to the internet at all time, which would make it better if they could save the xls file.