Sending to .txt

:upset: I’ve been unable to send data to a text file. I am making a news poster for a website, but free or any XML, php MySQL or anything else; so is it possible to send data to a .txt file using no other files? If so please explain the method to me; is it getLocals or something?


nope i did it with php but it is impossible to do it with just actionscrip and some txt file

Well I get the shaft :jail:

If you did it in just a little script, would you relay it to me? I can stand to use an extra file if it’s otherwise impossible . . .

Basically, I want a flash file that crew memebers of this site can use to send news AND for guests to read the news. It’s easy to load a “latestNews” variable from .txt, but the webmasters should be able to add news without uploading a new .txt or using a php file editor. (This site is under contruction so I’m not really pressed for time)

you’d need something like php for that.

Actually there is a way to do it, just not on the web :frowning:

but at any rate check this out:

well its not really doing it if its not on the web :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It would be a lot of script, wouldn’t it? I would think that flash has a simple way of doing this, but oh well. I’ll do some searching, but if anyone knows of a link (or the script itself), please post it.

That little utility is cool! Actually, if this worked out I was going to try to make a simple chat “app” (if it’s an swf you don’t call it an application do you?)