Sending and recieving data

i would like to make a text field that will load from a .txt file dynamically. updating onLoad or something like that.

i would like to be able to send text from an input field in the flash file to the .txt file which will then update onLoad to the dynamic text field in the flash movie

in essence like a very simple chat.

any suggestions on how to do this or who might know, where i might learn :slight_smile:

thanks very much

Loading data from a txt is easy, but Flash can’t write to txt files itself.
You’d need to interface that with a php script, which writes to the txt & sends back data to Flash.
Check (downloads, tutorials and board), (the code section, it’s the editors of that book, the new advanced one should be out this months, downloads are already available with a very nice chat app !), and finally .

so then in order to do that i have to be running a server with PHP or something that?

You or your provider (better :))

no need for dispair, php is gaining more and more acceptance, mainly because it Rocks!