Sending variables to PHP from within movieclips

my mail form which can be found in the above fla at _root.window.content.mailform is not sending the variables to PHP like it’s supposed to

the PHP works fine and sends the mail to me but the only thing that comes in the mail is the text from the PHP code field names … like the things i typed in PHP to go before the contents of the variables that were supposed to be sent

so the variables are not getting from the text input fields in the flash movie … to the PHP script and to my email :frowning:

someone please help

i’m looking at your .fla now… :slight_smile:

ok…i got it.

I tried lots of different things, but I ended up redoing part of it.
This is what I did:

  1. I named all the instances
  2. I included the field mapping to the “post” action
  3. I changed the mc’s you have as send/clear into actual
    buton objects
  4. put this code on the buttons:
on (release) {
	if ( eq "" or eq "" or _root.window.content.mailform.message eq "") {
	} else {
		loadVariablesNum("form.php", 0, "POST");
		name = "";
		company = "";
		phone = "";
		email = "";
		subject = "";
		message = "";

For some reason, and I’mnot 100% sure, but this code
requires you to use actual button objects instead of mc’s.

Here’s the modified .fla:

Let me know if you have any questions about the changes I
made. I think you’ll have no problem figuring out what I did.

Nice site btw. :slight_smile:

thanks very much for the compliment and the help i appreciate it

my button doesn’t bounce now :frowning:

i guess you can’t have everything

well, what you do now, is load a movie clip inside the button’s
properties on “over” state. I promise, it will work the same.


you so lost me

what about the rollOut actions ?

use actionscript to run the mc on and off like you would otherwise.

have a stop action in the middle, and on the out, run it
backwards. Make sense?

not a bit.

it’s not a tween

how do i run it backwards