Senocular Transform Tool - PLEASE HELP!

Hi Everyone

I am new to AS3 and I some help with the Senocular Transform Tool (AS3 version)

I’m having trouble with loading in an external image that I can transform with the Senocular Transform Tool class.

I have managed to load in the picture but the transform class doesn’t seem want to grab it.

Eventually I want to us the FileRef to upload the image but I just need to figure out how it works first.

Here my code to load in the external image

var imageLoader:Loader = new Loader();
var image:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“mypicture.gif”);
container.addChild (imageLoader);
imageLoader.x = 0;
imageLoader.y = 0;

The transform class can grab the other movieclips but it doesn’t want to grab the new image loaded in from the code above.

If someone could help me out I would GREATLY GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.