Senoculars Event Bubbling with Buttons issue

Here’s some neat coding developed by senocular (thanks a lot!), that “allows child clips to receive events despite the fact that a parent might make use of them as well, something not possible with the normal convention of handling button events where no child movie clip ever receives button events if a parent has any button event handlers defined for it.”

Yeah! It’s neat.

But I can’t really figure out how to attach an event to an mc called “child_next” within “parent1”.

Can anybody help me out?



function handleEventMethod(eventObject:ButtonEvent):Void {
    // trace event
    if (eventObject.type != "onMouseWithin") trace(eventObject.type +"("+this+")");
    // stop event from bubbling up to parent clips if this clip is parent2.child
    if ( == parent2.child) eventObject.stopPropagation();
    // react based on which event is being received.
        case "onRollOver":
        case "onDragOver":
        case "onDragOut":
        case "onRollOut":
        case "onReleaseOutside":
        case "onMouseWithin":

// clips to receive events from ButtonEventHandler
var clips:Array = [parent1, parent1.child_prev, parent1.child_next];
var clip:MovieClip;
var buttonEventObj:ButtonEvent;

// allow events to pass through despite overlapping
ButtonEventHandler.overlapBlocksEvents = false;
// assign handleEventMethod as handleEvent handler for each clip in clips
for (clip in clips) {
    // get ButtonEvent object for each clip and assign handleEvent function
    buttonEventObj = ButtonEventHandler.getEventObject(clips[clip]);
    buttonEventObj.handleEvent = handleEventMethod;
    // for parent1, set overlapping to block events 
    if (clips[clip] == parent1) buttonEventObj.overlapBlocksEvents = true;
    // enable the hand cursor by providing a null onPress event handler
    clips[clip].onPress = null;