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If we talk about SEO for a new ecommerce website how much time is required to make it in good rank and can have handsome traffic? Please i need a briefly instruction.

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Hmm. Can you give more details on the type of ecommerce site you are building.

Also, this may not be applicable, but something to keep in mind about the forums here.


It can be about Selling Jewellery.

This article will guide you on the right steps: Get your website on Google  |  Search Central  |  Google Developers

Usually it takes a few days, from personal experience.


Okay thanks for that.

It takes around 5-6 months to rank a website only if you are using valuable ranking keywords and the keyword difficulty should be low

Website take 3-5 month to get relevant traffic and high rank .

It can take anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the technological issues the website has, so it’s difficult to predict.

1 Keep The Navigation Simple
There are many websites where people don’t even have an idea where to click to find the page or product that they are searching for.

There is no search bar, the navigation bar is not placed properly and It has too many options to choose from. This means that the visitors are basically forced to read all the options for searching whatever content they are looking for.

2 Optimize The Checkout Process
If you want your visitor to purchase from your site, then it should have an easily navigable checkout process to have an outstanding e-commerce website design.

Once a visitor decides to buy something, the “add to cart” and the “buy now” buttons should be easily accessible.

3 Have A Mobile Friendly Ecommerce Website
Consumer convenience should be your first focus as an e-commerce business. Customers nowadays use their mobile phones for both shopping and making payments.

4 Don’t Underestimate Customer Reviews
Reviews matter a lot. The first one is filled with positive reviews and the second one is having negative reviews. put in some more effort and make a website that caters to your customer’s needs. Be present when someone is dissatisfied with services.

5 Add ‘Contact Us’ Page
More often we see that there is no contact information present on the website. So how are you going to contact those sites? The same thing can happen to you.

Therefore, providing contact info or email is very important otherwise how are your audience or clients going to interact with you. You are also missing out on a lot of opportunities as well.

Ecommerce website design is important is because it affects the user experience and the user experience affects the conversion rate. If you want to know more tips in detail then read the blog: 9 Tips To Create An Outstanding Ecommerce Website Design