How to get website traffic

i have a website and i really what to get a lot more traffic going to it The adress is its not finished yet but i am work on it. but if any one has any thing please can you help.

my website Wota Animations has links to my flash cartoons and i am planning to make website image design flash and pictures.


Yeah but that depends on how much the publishers get payed. If they make little money then you may have to get 1000 impressions to make even a dollar.

I’ve just got google and I’m not sure if i’m gonna make anything on my low traffic site because there just aren’t enough clicks or impressions.

BLEH. I hate traffic, makes me turn up the radio :lol:

There are no easy ways to get traffic. Pay for it, or be popular.

Get every person you know to link to your website and hope for the best.

Make a site that works? The header’s dead on Camino. And… uh… name your files. :wink:


I think i just threw up a little in my mouth.

Most important is getting your site listed in the top 5 or top 10 in the major search engines and achieving that is not an easy task. There are a number of factors which determine your position such as

Your Title (and the word count in it)
Your Description (Google ignores this)
Your Keywords
If your keyword is included in and closer to the begining of your Title
If your keywords are in your content
If you have got any keywors bolded in your content
If your Alt tags in your links reference your keywords
If you have not tried to fool the search engine by placing similar colored text in similar colored tables to make it appear hidden
The page you index needs to have certain amount of words in it…
Not to mention link popularity (how many sites link to you etc.)

Then your choice of keywords is important knowing exactly what your users would type to find what you have on your site is important.

You need to read up on SEO and there are tools out there that will help you achieve that such as Web Position Gold found here

On the more funny side another such way you get instant traffic maybe for a day is do what you did? Post a question about it in a forum… :trout:

Make a silly little game like, say, my [email protected] game, which will attract hundreds of kiddies per day, and make sure you’ve got a your website plastered all over it.

My site’s been averaging around 80-100 hits per day :slight_smile:

btw, what is the use of buying traffic? i mean, what’s the use?

more traffic means your rank on google, and other search engines will go up.

this should help w/ your SEO, and it’s free

Dude! Why is the Title in your Home page “New Page 1”?

I already pointed that out. :wink: I suggest checking that out . Aron Knows what he is talking about.

Yeah- the header wiht all ur links doesn’t turn up…