Sequential to random image order on a banner

I’m not really looking for a specific answer but really more something that I can target my research around.

Here is what I’m working with:
-this all need to pre-load.

-I need to build a flash image banner

-When you click a image they take you to a corresponding HTML page.

-The first few images in the banner sequence need to play in sequential order so for example image00, image01, image02 in order.

-Then once the first few images have played in sequential order images will be selected and played at random. Now here is the tricky part the random image selection can’t pick to of the same images in a row.

-The universal transition from one image to the next should be an alpha fade down of the top image exposing the random or sequential image below.

Yeah I know that a real mouth full.

Thx for any help on how I could accomplish this effect.