Serious Drive Problems!

Hey people,

I’m having some serious problems with one of my IDE Hard Drives. I have Windows XP Home Edition installed on it, and I was using it with an older monitor. Everything was working fine, until I used Switch User. When returning to the user I was working with, the monitor turned black and the LEDs were blinking.

While the user was being loaded, the computer rebooted. While it was rebooting, a BSOD appeared: Unmountable Boot Volume. Windows suggested rebooting, and if this problem continued, to remove all new hard- and software, and to boot in Safe Mode. However, booting in Safe Mode presents the same error.

None of the boot modes work. I’m afraid that the boot sector of the drive was damaged during the reboot while loading the user. I did a drive check in the BIOS, but it gave an error suggesting to use another drive. Please help :frowning: