Server Died?!

I have a Dell Server at home. Got it free when a company was throwing it out, barely used. It’s a Pentium II, which came with Win2k, which I replaced with Debian Linux, and it has been running pretty much fine for a long time now - running Apache, PHP, mySQL, and a few other things. I started putting together a website on Friday, and it worked fine, but then on Sunday it suddenly stopped showing my pages - ran SSH from my winXP machine (which is what I usually do to work on the server), and it said my host didn’t exist… but I could still browse the folders that are using Samba, and my Webmin still worked, so I pulled it up, and it said that the mySQL was not running, so I tried to start it, but it wouldn’t start. Naturally - perhaps coming from windows habits - I thought to reboot it. I rebooted the server, waited, and nothing worked. I moved my monitor, and plugged it in to the server, and it looks like everything went fine from BIOS, it started booting Linux, and just stopped. the last thing on the screen was “LI” in a line by itself, which I think might be the trying to show “LINUX VERSION”, which is the first thing shows when it starts running the OS, because right before it is where it tells me that it loaded my SCSI Bios, and that I have a CD-ROM installed.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to get it going again? I don’t really feel like wiping the hard-drive clean, and re-installing Linux, but I don’t think that there’s anything on the drive that isn’t backed up somewhere, so I could do it if I had no other choice.