Server not found on one PC but the other one finds it?

Hi people

I ran over a quite interesting problem and i’m curious if any of you experienced such “bugs” or what on Earth they could be. So here’s the stuff:

I have a PC and a Notebook. Notebook has win XP SP2 on it and the desktop has Windows 98. I was trying to access my web page on both but i experienced an interesting thingie:

  • I could open and view my web page on my notebook but when trying to open the same page on the desktop, i had the “server not found” annoying little thingie.

The funny part in all this is that i had both the Notebook and PC on the same network ( interned was provided by a switch ).

How can this be possible ? I couldn’t even ping my site from the desktop, and i have no firewall on it just an anti-virus ( NOD32 ) and the browser settings were the same on both the PC and Notebook.

Any ideas why and how can it be fixed or whatever ? Thanks