Setting ComboBox Default According To Shared Object Data

I’m using MX 2004.

I have a Flash Form that is fairly long (about 8 short pages), so I have set the form up so that it can be reviewed when the filler-outer is done and they are ready to submit it. I’m using a Shared Object to store the information they enter so they won’t lose their information if they hit refresh or need to come back later.

If they go back to the page with comboboxes on it, the comboboxes have reset to the default. The answer and data in the SO haven’t changed, but it looks like it to the consumer/viewer.

So, I’d like for the boxes to display the choice they picked when they were on that page. Any ideas on how I can do this? I need use the value from the database to show the particular value in the ComboBox whenever the user returns to that page.