Setting volume

Hi does anyone know how to set the volume of say a backround sound or any sound for that matter? Any help would be great!!!

In objects/sound/setVolume you have the action, check the help on that.

how do u give the user the option of sound?

1/ Start the sound by loading in the sound.swf, add a button with ‘stopAllSounds’ action
2/dont load the sound.swf, add a button with loadMovie sound.swf
3/button should be a clip with one frame speaker, 2nd frame crossed out speaker…
lots of possibilities…

I personally just made an .swf that has 2 layers. One with the sound, and then one with just the Start and Stop button. On Frame1, it has the stop command. If they click play, it goes to and plays Frame2. At the end, it goes back to frame 2 and starts again. If they click stop, it goes to Frame1 and stops.


like the one on my site,

Oh shizat. I replied to tha wrong post. My bad :slight_smile: