Shape hints

I’m trying to make a nice shape tween. And of course it looks awful because Flash just messes everything. I remember somebody tellin gme to use shape hints, but I can’t find them anywhere. Can anybody help?

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designing a site is sooooo compicated…

I think that there is an option under the “view” menu for viewing shape hints. To lay them down I think it’s Ctrl+H.

They have to go in clockwise order, at least in Flash5.0, and you have to set them first on the first keyframe and then again on the last keyframe.

I think that’s the extent of my knowlege though. I never had great luck with them.

I’ll try that, Upu, thanks.

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If you go to Help/Using Fonts and then click the Search button and run a search for “Shape Hints” You will get something that says “Using Shape Hints” Click that and it tells you how to use “Shape Hints”.

The trick with shape hints is to position them on the important points of the initial image - things that you really don’t want going all (for want of a better word) ‘squiffy’. It’s kind of a case of working out how edges and corners translate from one image into the next.

Squiffy? What does it mean :slight_smile:

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Um… It’s a posh English term meaning “slightly drunk”. :slight_smile:

So like when your shape goes all funny… Er…

All right! So last Saturday, I was squiffy, not drunk! Hey, this can be practical…

It’s a great phrase, and one of the most tame. They do get a lot worse than that though. :slight_smile:

But I find it also describes shape tweens very well. Managed to get it working yet?

Works perfectly!



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**Um… It’s a posh English term meaning “slightly drunk”. :slight_smile:

So like when your shape goes all funny… Er… **

i learn something new everyday at the kirupa boards


Same with me: tergiversating, demystification, extrapolating…

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember Ilyas, no cutting of the limbs. Limb removal is bad…very…bad.


Yes limbs, like arms and legs on a human body.

One thing I’ve found the more you use shape hints, the better at selecting the best parts you become. I’ve got complicated shapes down to only needing 2 sets of hints. Yay for me. :slight_smile:

Hehe - you gotta love Dr Evil. :slight_smile:

Oh behaaaave, baby!