Shared Object Problems

Hi all

I have added a simple code that creates a date time stamp and is saved in a shared object. The code i use is;

var today_date:Date = new Date();
WeibullSection1 = SharedObject.getLocal("Section1", "/"); = "Date: "+today_date.getDate()+"/"+(today_date.getMonth()+1)+"/"+today_date.getFullYear()+" Time: "+today_date.getHours()+":"+today_date.getMinutes();

Now when I use the trace command it shows the date and time as it should. Also what I want to happen is that everytime someone access this section the date-time is recorded ie

10/10/05 14:30

10/10/05 14:50

This is one of 8 sections I record the date time stamp on. Once this program is closed I need to access this data via another program I made. I anticipate these sections will be accessed a number of time so in the flash movie I created, I created a new movie in the library, named WDSD1, and placed 8 textfields in it. I then placed a scrollpane on my main stage, and made the scroll content WDSD1. On my timeline scene1 where this occurs I placed this code

WeibullSection1 = SharedObject.getLocal("Section1", "/");

section1 =;


Now when I run my first program I go through all the sections a couple of times close it then open up my other program to view the date time stamp data but all that is displayed in the textfields is undefined. Im running both movies from the same directory, and can not figure out what Im doing wrong can anyone help me.