Shared objects

hi there.
as the topic suggests im after some help with sharedobjects.
i have 2 main swfs that i wat them to to beable to read a set of global variable in an independently loaded swf.

the 2 main swfs are loaded with key commands within each other but the other i with the global variables i want them to detect is loaded on its own independently.

I was told theres a way to do this via shared objects but im unable to figure out how and before u ask it is impossible for me to upload a fla. but heres a diagram i drew up in paint to show u how i want the global variables to be sent via shared objects.
url = 207

and another thing i was wonder is it possible to load an external swf via loadmovienum but then not unload it but have it set behind everythin else so its still running in the back ground and then when the user wants to bring it forwad they just press the same command they use to load it.

thanks in advanced

hey guys
neone out there able to help?