Shaved Platypus

Well its about that time.

Just when you thought that there weren’t enough forums around, we go and unleash another one.

We give you Shaved Platypus (seriously).


This is the back end discussion forum for the upcoming award site you have all heard so much about. We felt that the design community needs a little ripple in the way things are run. So we will be giving awards for the best of the best… and that might not neccessarily mean the best site. Could be the best idea, best content, best layout, get creative with it we have, how bout best of the worst? mind you the sole purpose of having a worst category is for constructive criticism and progression from a broad range of talented designers (meaning you) to help artists improve, thus creating a zen like internet.

You can submit any site worthy of the award category it would be entered in.

The award part is just the ice breaker, besides giving the power to the people for their favorite sites, weve taken our forum to the next level. By making it not just “another” design community. But a community for the multi talented designer. All platforms all programs (well most we could think of, but thats why we take feedback )

We think you will like it… come on in. and if not we can always ban your ip or delete your account