Shoot at grunge

that and this

complete with an old old drawing from CFP on the right thhere.
whacha guys think?

Very awesome. I love grunge, but I suck at creating cool grunge things :frowning:

Wow! No-tec, thats pretty **** sweet. Have any links you could give me to make thrill ISH like that, ya know, like tutorials!

no tutorials. just screwin around. look at that one site. or something. they have all the coolest brushes.

Thanks again! You should get a account, I am sure you would get some nice feedback!

i have one- im no-tec no one likes me though ? :q:

I thought about signing up at deviant art, but that site takes way too long to load for me, I don’t have the time to browse around it, and I probably wouldn’t be able to add my crap there.

i think its like that for everyone. theres always 100
s of ppl on at once. :frowning:

I am a subscribed member, it seems to pick up a little better speeds running from that service, but then again, I haven’t used it lately!

Looks great, No-tec. I’m 100% impressed.

pom :smirk:

Yap me too! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go and download those brushes right now! :stuck_out_tongue: is not the site I think I am looking for lol, do you have another link?
this is where i got most of them. and some other random sites but this has the best. they are just brushes. and you paint with them. there arent really any tutorials on making grunge at all. i found one once, but thats it. and it sucked i think. just play around, its fairly simple. this is like the 5th one ever made.

Very excellent, I have other grunge brushes, but these will come in handy.


Thanks no-tec :slight_smile:

theres other ones but i guess these are the best for “grunge”

Where do I put these brush files? They are in the folder, but Photoshop isn’t reading them…


tthan restart. woo.

how did you do that swirly thing?

on ur site, also subbmit it to SOTW

i got sotw a few weeks ago. what swirl thing?