Shopping Cart Book

What book would teach me step-by-step how to build a thorough shopping cart in Flash, with a checkout button and everything? And/or could some provide a fla. that has a checkout button and everything?\r\rThank you.

good luck finding someone who would have an FLA for that, and that would be willing to share. In order to build a shopping cart you need to know a few other languages besides english and A/S. I believe Javascript and PHP or ASP to call prices and such from the DB. find out how to build a shopping cart using Javascript (google search: “javascript shopping cart”) and then learn enough Flash where you can incorporate it into the Flash without anyone else’s help. Its not a 1-2-3 step process so I doubt you will get any answers more than what I just told you.

Book: Flash Site workshop, published by Sams, but if i remember correctly, the shopping cart is not finished…Source files are on cd with the book.

That’s the book I’d recommend as well. If this is for a job, I’d suggestion subletting the work out to someone who does this kind of thing. It’s nothing you’ll learn overnight.

Thanks for the replies.\r\rI finally – and I mean finally – I have decent grasp on actionscript after incessantly and tirelessly reading The Definitive Guide, Drag Slide and Fade, and FoundationActionscript, as well as a grocery list of tutorials (also the replies from the posts that you sharp guys here crafted). Therefore, I’m definitely confident that I could easily build a shopping cart, and I have managed to find two fla. shopping carts with one concomitant tutorial.\r\rHowever, the reason why I want a book on this issue is because I want to know how to build an efficient shopping cart that is easily editable. Thus, I want a shopping cart that has modular actionscript and smartclips if possible. Plus, I crave reference material on all subjects in actionscript.\r\rIn retrospect, someone referred me to the book the Flash Samarai, but I believe that book is geared towrads Flash 4 users. I also looked at Server-Side Flash, which explains flash and databases…but I’m looking at Coldfusion MX…\r\rIn short, thanks for the replies…and I’ll check out that book Flash Workshop…\r\rDeep Cover

Server side Flash is really good. I haven’t had the time to actually dig into it yet, but it is a very good book.

Yeah, I’m ready to grab Server-Side Flash and now The Flash Workshop…The Flash Workshop seems to be definitely on the money…\r\rBut Eyezberg, what do you mean the shopping cart is not finished in The Flash Workshop? Please let me know what you mean because I’m ready to purchase it tomorrow…\r\rThanks men…you guys are dangerously sharp individually, not to mention by committee…\r\rDeep Cover