Should i be doing this...?

Hi Kirupa ‘n’ peeps…\r\rI don’t know if you should nominate your own site or what…but i am… [ ilyaslamasse + upuaut8 like it… ] :wink: \r\r+++ +++\r\rCheerio’\rBen…

Hey!\r\rGreat job on your site man! You deserve this to be Site of the Week…the visual effects on your site are amazing and some of the best put together graphics ive seen! Youve done a great job(I should know, I have been watching your progress through out the months on this site :wink: )…hehe…well…hope you get nominated…hehe…gotta run. Lata

Nice site…you might want to try using pixel fonts for better clarity on your text. It’s a bit blurry. Pixel fonts would look very cool.\r\rAloha - Marc\r\

hi marc…\r\rright back at you…your site is v.nice…\r\ri can’t use a pixel font, because the text is loading in from a text file…unless you know of a way…?\r\rCheerio’\rB…

Wow, marco, your sites are indeed very impressive. I love them.\rBen, what else can I say ? Kicks @$$ !\r\rpom 0]

Embed the pixel font for the dynamic txt box, and it should work…shouldn’t it?

hey…eyez…how do i embed a font?\r\rb…

Hey ben,\rThe site does look very nice :slight_smile: \r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Hey sorry i didn’t respond sooner but I had no email notification of a reply. \r\rAll the pixel fonts used on my site were created as a dynamic text. The position has to start from X: 0 and Y: 0 and then positioned into place. \r\rThen I went to modify - break apart - then grouped it. That’s it!! The reason why I broke it apart then grouped it is because those without that font will see it in a different font…usually one that’s not as clear.\r\rYou can find some free pixel fonts at

What font is it 808? In some cases, it might be more efficient to embed the font. That way, it would be easier for you to modify the text and might make the download time easier (since you’re not breaking up the font).

Oh wait - if you have dynamic textboxes into which you load variables from an external text file, the font should be anti-aliased, or crisp and not blurry. Isn’t it?

BORING! Seen at least 200 other sites JUST like this. Everyone just keeps ripping off eachother.

mickeydelorenzo…\r\ri know others who would disagree:\r\\r\rHere’s a little something for u to read:\r\r[url=“”]…did=138899\r\r…b…

ginger, you really don’t know how o embed a font? in the text options, bottom, click 1st icon to embed all of it, or choose…much better in MX!!

Hey ben!\rYour site is really cool…cool enough to become this week’s SOTW. Congratulations! Your site has really evolved since the first time you showed it to us a long time ago. Keep up the great work!\r\\\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

thanks…kirupa…\r\rmy first ever award…\r\rben… :slight_smile:

Congrats ZeroHead! :smiley: