Should i change to flash mx 2004?

Hi, i’m using flash mx right now, should i switch to mx 2004? is it very different? or does everything run the same but faster and more features?

Will all my current works on flash mx work exactly to same in mx 2004?

stay with MX. I find myself using MX stuff all the time. MX2k4 is very buggy. Also for the common developer, you’ll never use any of the MX2k4 stuff. Concerning speed, your movies can only be faster if the user on the other end is using Flash Player 7. At the moment i compile for MX2k4, but i plan to compile my final version in MX.

i c… but i do like the new features in it.

Also i’m not just getting flash mx 2004. I’m getting the studio pack.

Are the programs in Studio MX 2004 different to the orginal? For example is the flash mx 2004 in studio EXACTLY the same as flash mx 2004 on its own?

Also is there a differences between the student version and commerical? besides price?

Flash MX 2004 looks like it’s more easy to use and you can get more done with less layers and frames. Can you use Flash MX tutorials with flash mx 2004? My site is currently built on Flash MX can that be used in flash mx 2004 the same way?

What type of bugs are they?

What are your comments on dreamweaver 2004 and fireworks 2004?

I went to some other threads however, I still got some questions.
this talks about all the bugs etc. But can they be easily updated?

Also will flash mx 2004 have all the old features of flash mx and work with flash mx files with no problems, as if i’m using flash mx?

Cause, i’m going to get a new flash anyway, so wouldn’t it be better to get the newest version? or is there going to be a flash mx 2004 version 2? lol!

All i want, is to make sure that all my current work done on flash mx will work on flash mx 2004. SO that i can update them to same as in mx and work with them the same as mx.

As far as bugs go most of them have been fixed with the 7.0.1 patch. There are still a few things which people would call annoyences like not having the normal mode for actionscript but those aren’t bugs they are changes.

So far Flash mx 2004 has not made my life easier. The main thing I got out of the upgrade is AS 2.0. Which I suspect will come in handy in the near future.

Dreamweaver MX 2004 has been well worth it though. I am somewhat new to CSS and don’t fully know all of its features but with DW MX 2004 I have to know hardly any CSS and can just click on the options I want and it creates the CSS for me.

A lot of people are saying the new Fireworks is much much faster though I haven’t used it enough to notice that yet.

And I haven’t even touched freehand :-p. Don’t know if I ever will either.

really? no normal mode. Does it still have that thing on the side where you can just add the codes? OR do you have to type it all by hand?

how about flash mx 2004 professional?

So basically its the same thing… same code but just new features and its arragned differently? so i can opperate my old work made by flash mx with no problems?

there are a few things that are different concerning scripting. Built in classes are no longer dynamic, loadVars is now LoadVars and it won’t work unless it’s capitialized, you can now use css to format text. Nothing really too major. Normal mode has been completely excluded from MX2k4. Although, there is section for reference and you can double click on an item to add it into your code. But it will only add a generic version of that code, which is far from normal mode.MX2k4 is backwards compatible, so all your MX documents will work fine. Another item that has been excluded from MX 2k4 is the scrollbar component, which i miss dearly :stuck_out_tongue: but you can always retrieve it from an old MX doc contaning the scrollbar. There is an overal new look to many of the componets most of them look more Mac-ish. I for one try to avoid using these componets because they add a horrible amount of size to a flash doc. Also, because they are built in componets they are going to be very common. Skinning has also become an issue, it’s a lot more difficult, IMO, to skin. Whereas if MX you could just edit the symbols themselves. Loading times… All of the programs in studio MX have horrible loading times. I’ll post again when i can think of some other stuff :wink:

what do you mean skinning? how do you update the skins?

When you mean horrible loading times you mean when loading up the program on the computer, bot the .swf file right?

If flash mx 2004 i heard that you can add movies really easy and make mobile phone web sites. Does the new flash mx 2004 really make faster loading .swf files?

thanks for your comments. I think on the whole studio 2004 is worth getting because it does have fireworks and dreamweaver 2004 which i heard is pretty good. any comments on the software in the studio pack? snd since i’m a studio i get it for only 300AUSD

Also, is there a differences between the commerical and student version of studio? besides from price, eg did they cut out features?

and with studio the software in studio eg flash, dreamwear, fireworks and freehand, are features cut out or r they exactly the same as the orginal seperate program?

skinning: a different appearance to components.
Loading times: yes, the flash IDE.
Mobile phones: yes for phones that have Flash Player Lite.
Commercial, student versions: I don’t know, check out
As for the rest of the studio, i dunno. I use DM and it’s awesome, not complaints there. Although, i think there is a code format feature, but i can’t find it. Hrmmm. Maybe there isn’t, ah well, it’s still very good.

i know what skinning is. but how is it diiferent from mx? instead of upading symbols what do you have to do?

I dunno, i haven’t attempted to skin any of the components as of yet. Don’t think i ever will. I’m not a big fan of the components. I’ve seen one fla posted here that containted about 10 or so textareas and two buttons (that’s it) and it was almost a meg! so i try and stay away from comonents, i’d much rather code my own then trying to work MM’s crap. JMO

ahh… i c what you mean now…

well… thanks alot your comments are VERY helpful! i’m going to go get Studio mx 2004 as soon as the stores are open… DAM NEW YEAR! lol can’t wait

ABout mobile internet. Can a mobile read any page from the internet? or does it have to be mobile supportive?

*Originally posted by Digigamer *
**As far as bugs go most of them have been fixed with the 7.0.1 patch. **

yea, thanks rob, downloaded that… broke MX2k4 on my machine



and about Moblie internet:

those that support it, yes, but think about it… your site on a 2 in screen? nawww

lol… i just love that mobile function on it.

No unless you have money to burn!

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**well… thanks alot your comments are VERY helpful! i’m going to go get Studio mx 2004 as soon as the stores are open… DAM NEW YEAR! lol can’t wait

why not order it online from and get the 7 free extensions? Then you won’t have to wait tell the stores open