Show Kirupa: TommyQ Zombie Defender

[SIZE=6]TommyQ: Zombie Defender[/SIZE]


Woohoo!! After 2 months of work (design, development, music production, audio work, etc) my newest game is finally finished! Like all my games, this one is made to help you practice your typing skills, except this one takes it a step further and hammers home your arrow key skills!

Thanks as always to Kirupa for the endless help you’ve provided me while learning flash (I only started in the beginning of the year!).

Little behind the scenes, this game is almost entirely done with Blitting (wrote my own engine to help reduce the endless amounts of boilerplate code required for btlitting) and sprite sheets (our graphic artist is epic) so that it runs smoothly on old computers. The only things that aren’t using Blitting are the menus.

So what do you guys think?? If you wanna help me out, tell your friends! We are currently working on adding high scores support and a full scoreboard to the site ( so you’ll be able to compete pretty soon =)