Showing content and transition problem

eeh, i’m sorry, i’m in another problem that i don’t understand and don’t see what it, i suppose it’s something with targeting (again !:hangover: )
You can see the problem at
Click on PRODUCTIONS --> Fictions --> des gens assis … (first one) : in the box that appears on the right the content doesn’t show up except the title and it’s the same for all the movies but when i test these single movies i can see the content.
I have put the files
here :
there are 4 file : - testtransition.fla : the main
- soumenufil.fla : submenu
- menufict : sub sub menu
- gens.fla : one of the movie that won’t work
I don’t know if all these files are useful to you but if you could look that would safe my nights to come !!

Ps : oh and yes ! ther’s also a little bug with the scrollbar after clicking on a movie in one of the submenu and click on facilites the scrollbar is messing !!