Sideways Dyamic Text - Possible?

Dooes anybody know how to display Dynamic text sideways?


just click on the free tranform tool then on the rotate button!

It doesn’t work, and yes that’s the first thing I tried

What I am trying to do is rotate a push button component 90 degrees and still display the label. if anyone has any ideas it would help. The idea is to have several of these buttons with different labels. I could do this by building buttons but it’s the components functionality that i wish to keep ie ClickHandler. Is there a way to give a MC a click handler that works the same way as the component push button?

you can rotate it with the free transform tool, you just have to embed the text first…

Depending on what you mean by embed, yes this works. however if you want, like I do ,to have multiple Components on the stage they will all have the same text. I want to be able to have different text on each. Thanks though. Ultimately I don’t think this can be done. i will post part of the project I am working on to demonstrate my dilemma…very soon.

Thanks again.

I would like to have labels on each of these…( and there will be more) that are different from one another. It should look and work like this : . The zip file contains my “working” file. The final is more complex.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light here.

check this out:

bug fixed.
actionscript in layer7 {



suppose to be this:


That is pretty cool! It does everything I need it to do. I am gonna make some modifications though to adjust the movement. I had tried using MC’s in this way but soon gave up when I discovered Push Button. I should’ve kept plugging away. Anyways 40, you’ve been a great help here, thank you very much for helping me out.

I am still kinda interested in another solution if for nothing else but knowlege, so if anyones still pluggin away , I would still like to hear about it even though this solution will work fantastically.