Silent.gear v. UNFLUX

i wanna battle somebody. my fingers are itching to do some manip.

theme: opponent
rounds: 4 (4 serves each person)
size: opponent
exchange: .psd
note: name of contestants on each serves including round number.

so who wants to take it. theme and size will be determinned by the challenger. just let me know and ill change everything to wat fits u.

Theme: inventions born of insanity
Size: 800w x 450h

Could a moderator please change the title of the thread to include my name? :beam:

thanks for making that change for us. =)

good luck you guys

pulls up chair and starts waiting impatiently 'till battle starts :smiley:

Wow! Awsome source UNFLUX!!! Man this is great, pulls up chair next to Ruff and Dj

:Brings some good food to the party:

lol you guys are funny :smiley:

I wish UNLFUX and my battle had this much attention…:stuck_out_tongue:

I think so becuase both UNFLUX and silent are really good, so this should be entertaining.

yes…finally. gonna start on this today.

awesome! can’t wait to see it.

DJ - our next one will be HUGE! :wink:

Lol I hope so. Once I get my aite and ALien-Designs(my webteam site) done we are going at it bud.:wink:

thats nice to hear dj…cant wait to see both your site and your ALien-Designs website. well…im done with my entry but still waiting for my .psd to finish uploading. its taking a while.

Here it is…hope you guys like it. this pic was a hard one to start with.


(has his own brilliant idea and whips out photoshop)

nice work there silent

Good job!

thx. didnt think anyone would really like it.

I like th bg and the clouds the most. I like the colors.:smiley:

Yeah really nice tones in the clouds… i think theres a chance you have every possible shade of blue in there! :slight_smile:

That’s some really great work. this is going to be an awesome battle. I think I’m gonna pull up a chair as well… Can’t wait to see Unflux’s response.