Simple Button Question

I used to be a regular Flash user around version 4 but since then I have been out of the game. I picked up a version of Flash MX and now I can’t even make a simple mouseover button.

I tried following some tutorials but every time I make a button the mouseover part doesn’t work when going over the text. It seems as though the text has a seperate hotspot box than the rest of the button. I tried to combine them into one hot spot but it just doesn’t work.

Any help that anyone can give me would be much appreciated. I just hope everyone understands what I am trying to say.

Sounds like you entered some text, then converted it into a button then just left it. That way the mouse moving over the text looks jerky and only the text part acts as a button. If this is the case, double click the button, click on the hit state, press f6 for a keyframe and draw a rectangle where you want the hit area to be. The rectangel won’t show when you test the movie, it’s only for the hit area.

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I didn’t think I explained it correctly. I will try it again.

I am trying to make a simple button that is just a colored rectangle with text on it. What I do is just make a simple rectangle and then I put some text over it. After that I select both of them and then do convert to symbol. I change the up, over, and down states and even make a box in the hit state where I want the hotspot to be. When I play the movie the button works but only in areas that there is no text. When I go over the text is turns back into the I cursor and nothing happens.

When I look at the button there is a seperate box around the text. I hope that helps. Thank you all for helping me out.


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AEBoy: check your states properly and the keyframes in the states. Put up a fla it’s easier.

Here it is

You had your text as dynamic text - it should be static text

Thank you very much. Boy that has been giving me a headache.

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