Simple code problem!

Hi, i have a simple problem, that should work!

Here is the site - monoequip

on the home page is a news scroller which has a preloader!

The preloader is on one scene (loader) and the content is in another (content)

on the first frame (loader)I have this code:

total_bytes = _root.getBytesTotal();
loaded_bytes = _root.getBytesLoaded();
remaining_bytes = total_bytes-loaded_bytes;
percent_done = int((loaded_bytes/total_bytes)*100);
ifFrameLoaded (“loader”, 30) {
gotoAndPlay (“content”, 1);

So if the user has veiwed this before then the flash should skip the preloader part and go straight to the (content) scene! but it does not, it just plays through the (loader) scene and then plays.

If you to the site above, you see the percentage loader appear and then the content should appear once loaded, this works fine. try going to any link and then go back to the homepage and you will see what i mean!

Can someone help out!

Thanks in advance