Simple database with Flash MX and Coldfusion

I designed a simple website for a project I am doing. I would now like to add a little more interactiveness to my site by allowing users to post information for other people to see.
The problem is this…
I am a senior about to graduate. My school only allocates each student 4 tickets for family members and a lot of people who may have a slighly larger families cannot all attend. However some people do not use all of their tickets and there is no one forum where they may advertise the availability of their tickets.
I have designed the form in Flash but I do not know how to get the page to take the users inputs (Name, school ID number, # of tickets available, email address) put them into a database and then through Coldfusion to continually update and publish that information.
I am in no way, shape or form going to profit from this service, apart from the fact that I may be able to get a fifth ticket for my little brother to come watch me graduate.
Anyway help or advice would be greatly appreciated.