Advice/info needed on Flash + Coldfusion + mySQL


i need a bit of help here, this is what i am trying to do.

a VW club site (fake) with 8 members all done in flash and has the following dynamic components going on:



-search (if you are a member you can search)

-results (obviously)

-details (be able to click any result and get more details on that member -car photo and info)

-record update (restricted to admin for adding new members)

I have web space that supports cold fusion, mySQL and php. Now i was thinking and have been told to go for ->> Flash remoting + mySQL + ColdFusion + Flash MX <<- i have so far built the database (all 8 members =) and have the design sortet but am ot suer what the simplest and fastest methoed will be to approach and develop the back-end dynamic part… what do you think?

I’m trying to find a tutorial that deals specifically with all of the above things that i want to do and have found null so far…

if you know where any are hiding or can offer any advice to this newbie ii would really appreciate it. =)



Im a huge macromedia fan, but I will admit that although I have several books, I just havent started playing with ColdFusion. I will say this, though, it’s hard to find someone (ISP) who supports it. You can’t just pick up your web page and components and move them to the next ISP. It is for that reason that I’ve started playing with PHP. It is, by far, taking over the market. It is easy to learn and it is free.

If you’re serious about building the site, try the book PHP for Flash from friends of Ed. I will warn you that there are some errors in the book (chapter1 especially). However, they show you how to build a full interface with PHP and so on…

Good luck!