Simple gotoAndPlay action between MCs not working! Need urgent help

Hi all,
started running into a problem on this site Im making.
please somebody have a look.

Go to: Layer “menu” --> menu symbol --> last frames --> doubleclick “Mud Wax” symbol and check out the AS.

ActionScript Code:
[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][COLOR=#0000ff]on[/COLOR] COLOR=#000000[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]{[/COLOR]</p>
<p>_parent.[COLOR=#000080]forside[/COLOR].[COLOR=#0000ff]gotoAndPlay[/COLOR] COLOR=#000000[/COLOR];</p>

What the **** is wrong here?

thanks so much.

EDIT: File apparently gets made into a *.doc, so just rename to fla after download. Thanks