Simple job good pay

I am having an issue with recompiling an swf properly. I am reimplementing some features to a flash forum I have. but for some reason I have an issue displaying text on the buttons of the forum. I beleive this is a font embedding issue but I can’t be sure. on compile there are no errors or warnings.

Also I would like to pay someone to implement accouple more features to the forum.
#1: a shop… were people can pay for ranks and access to different features such as changing the color of there name on the forums.
#2 the ability to have a signature as an image not just text at the bottom of a post.
#3 quick access to bbcode on the forum post. so when you post something you have options for smilies and font settings like bold italic and so on… the bbcode is already in place its just making the buttons to place the needed bbcode for that button/option in the thread.
#4 finally video integration. I want users to be able to post youtube videos on the forum.

The forum is mostly already built I just need these features added.
If you think you are up for the job I will pay $450 for this to be done.