Simple preloader?

hi, im looking for a simple loader, with just the words “Loading, Please Wait” is there a tutorial here for just those words?

thank you

(i know i ask too much questions… :frowning: )

Just add the text into the 1 and the 2 frame

syko how did you make that shadow in your little banner at the bottom. can you tell me how to make that?

I just duplicated the text with actionscript, set it’s depth lower than the original text’s so it would not be in front of the original text and made it move the opposite direction of the mouse movement divided it by 10 or sth like that. =)
Are you using flash 5 or Flash MX?
I’ll post the .fla if ya want :slight_smile:

can you please?i use both. can’t i import the flashmx stuff into flash 5? o so its like the tutorial?

FMX .flas can’t be opened in F5.