Simple question about links between movies

Phrasing this clearly is hard so i’ll give the full example; I have a map of Europe with 26 ports marked as one swf movie. I have an entirely seperate movie with 26 frames, each frame representing a different port. Probably a backwards method I know.

Basically what I want is to be able to click on say port 18 in the one movie and for that to trigger the seperate swf to automatically load up to frame 18. So that whichever button i click will open the corresponding frame in a seperate swf.

I’m pretty basic so I’d usually just connect swf files with loadMovieNum ("", 0);
but i don’t know how to specify frames within that.

Please help!

Download the zip called nav. Open up main.fla in Flash. Press CTRL + Enter to test it.

aw got the old ‘unexpected file format’…MX? I’m still on Flash 5…thanks though…really hope i get this sorted…

duh flash five fla underneath it…sorry…and thanks, enjoying shooting those tweenies! will look over it now.

back again. i could do without the transparency? what i’ve done is quite graphicly heavy, i just want to open an entirely seperate swf but jump to a frame of my choice. Danke.

The example does that. Goes to different frame of movie in different level depending on which button is pressed.

Email me your fla if you want and explain

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