Simple Question...Fills does not work

I am muddling through the Ray of Light tutorial (for Flash 5) using Flash MX. I have gotten to the point where I need to insert the gradient fills in the lines for each graphic. BUT…No matter what I do, it will not insert the fills. None of the tools work to put colour between those lines! Is there something I am missing? I am relatively new to this but I wanted to use MX to create some graphics for my website. I have been doing tons of reading…but I am still having some trouble.


I went through the same tutorial, until I needed to import a file from a site. The link is no good, so the tutorial wont be finished. Anyway, R U sure that the lines R connected to the letters? Zoom in really close and look. If they are I have another idea.

Okay…I checked to see if the were attached. What happens is that once they touch the letter, the line seems to fall underneath the letter, instead of attaching it, so the fill does not work unless I place a fourth line making a square/rectangle of sorts…which is not mentioned in the tutorial.

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I had the same problem. Maybe I can fix it for you.


Select the letter and hit “ctrl+B” to break it apart. A group, graphic, movieclip, button, or section of text, actually resides above lines and fills. Breaking the letter apart will make it into a fill, which will then close off the empty ends of the light rays.

(See the other post about the link in ROL))

Ahhhh… our friend T here has let me in on the secret I had forgotten already. MX requires you to break that text apart twice during that step. MX first breaks any text apart into individual letters, and THEN into fills. Flash 5.0 went straight to fills with a “ctrl+B”.

Thanks for the info T~

NP, also if your wondering how to pronounce it, its:


cool… mine is “wep-we-wet”. I know it doesn’t look that way… but that’s what it is I assure. :slight_smile: