Ray of light problems

okay so ive done all the tutorials in my spare time to learn flash and do websites …blah blah blah…and the only one that i cannot finish due to some problems that i dont understand is the ray of light tutorial.

the actual light wont fill in with the gradience in the green lines that i drew ( which i believe are snapped to the objects) ; that ibelieve is my only problem, though i have not tried the other animation yet.

here’s the *.fla right here

anyways…please help me…you can also email me at [email][email protected][/email] for your assistance.

thank you


I had the ame problem. Did you edit the letter before putting the green lines ?

ok, you drew your lines on the “light” layers…but the letters are still grouped, so they do not close off the gap at the pointy end of the line construct.

you can either

copy each set of lines by selecting them, then choosing menu option “edit/cut”. then double click on the “light” letter on that layer so that you go one level deeper into the object. Then paste the lines and possition.

or you can select each letter and break it apart.

either method should work.

looking at your first fill though… I see that you have it going from solid white to solid black. This is not the discription I gave in the tutorial. You’re welcome to do it which ever way you like, but if you’ve just made a mistake, I wanted to point it out, and if you can’t figure out how to do the transparent, leading to solid gradient, then I’d wish to help you out with that. :slight_smile:

hope I’ve helped more than I’ve confused.

thanks sooo much. everything you said worked except for the letter i.

here is the new *.fla. please tell me why my letter i wont fill in properly. thank you =)

x mike x

no problem.

take your zoom tool and zoom in close to the i… take the line tool and draw another green segment of line from the middle of the dot of the “i” to the top of the base of the “i”.

the fill will close in some gaps, depending upon the settings that you choose in the tool panel… but a big open space like that will not let the fill tool fill. If ever you find that the fill tool is not working, check the boundary of what ever you’re trying to fill. If there are any breaks in it it will not fill.

Nice work on the fills btw… it’s looking good.

There is one more thing that I failed to mention in the tutorial, which I need to fix. On letters like “o” and “e” and others with closed in sections, sometimes it looks better if you fill these small spaces in the letters with a solid white. It depends upon preference.

okay i filled in the “light i” layer like you said and it worked perfectly. THANKS


HERE is the new *.fla. it seems the first two letters have become connected somehow that i found in another graphic and renamed it so you know which one im talking about it. and some of the green lines stayed…i dunno how that happened either…please direct me to where i went wrong …thanks!!!

is you wanna see what im talking about click here

thanks again!

x mike x

hey, upuat, wasn’t it you that had that ray of light footer once? funny how ilya’s looks exactly like it.

il y a une personne française ici?

thoriphes… of course it looks just like it Pom created his from my tutorial… but even given that, Id say that most “ray of light” examples will look very similar.

x mike x - I’m not all that sure what the heck happened there. If you post the FLA for me to look at again, I’ll try to go through it and figure out what I can.

here =)

okay i think i fixed it.

you can see what i did here. test page.html

now this gets into what i want to do with it. i want to create another movie that makes the text burn. and i want to do this at the end of the ray of light thing.

any suggestion on how to accomplish this??

x mike x

okay that last one was broken…so here is the new one right here.


sorry. =)

so yeah…any ideas about how to make a burning effect would be AWESOME


x mike x

not sure how you would do it… probebly would look best with that applette fire effect that some people use, but I don’t know of a way of doing that in Flash.

I’ll think about the problem.