Simple scroll problem (hmtl)

soz if ive put this thread on the wrong forum.

Im workin on a site which contains a top and main frame.

When the mainFrame needs to scroll downwards because of the amount of content, it shows the scroller going from left to right aswell as the up/down scroller.

Is there away i can get rid of the scroller from left to right, theres no need for it to be there.

hope thats clear,


as far as i remember framesets just let you set scrollbars as either on or off, so to make sure you get the vertical one and not a horizontal one you needed to set the relevent column in your frameset html page as an absolute width in pixels, and then make sure the page you’re loading *into * that column in the frameset is *narrower * (remember that your scrollbar will take up about 15 pixels or so too…)


if you use dreamweaver i think you can just click inside the frame and look in the properties panel for the scroll bar option.