Simpletext talking to flash

I made a simpletext file and used the loadVariablesNum() script in flash to call that file into dynamic text boxes within my flash piece. that’s all fine and dandy but now the problem is that I don’t know how to make links in that simpletext document to link to specific parts of my flash movie. Basically, I need the simpletext document to have words that you can click that will take you to another frame that has another dynamic box in it with more text. please helllllp!!!

I can’t help you on your action script but I took a look at your site portfolio and WOW :o . Did you actual do a site for the NSA or are these just mockups you made? Either way very impressed. I hope one day I can land web site contracts like that.

oh ok wot u can do is this…

Put something like this in ur html code
<A HREF=“asfunction:MyFunc,<frameNumber>”><b>Open Shutter</b></A>

and then have this code

function MyFunc(arg){

I think that should work, if it doesn’t then come back here :slight_smile:

Tricky Bezzer… I see where you’re going with that and I like it. I use a lot of imported text.

I’m not sure if I understand how it’s supposed to work though.

in the text file you break in with open shutter, but how does that call the function?

thanks a lot for your comments sintax321-yeah, I did do the designing and coding of NSA’s employment site.-I work for and ad agency which is why I had the pleasure of working on such a great client. --thanks again for your comments.–also, huge thanks your help Bezzer! I"ll let you know how it works out!