Site check:

I have just launched the beta version of
Please take a look and let me know what you think.
All opinions are appreciated-good or bad.
Warning: A fast connection is recommended
thanks for your time!

very well done. The themes matched well throughout, and gave a good representation of the creativity of the company. Good navigation with easy to find content. It was actually nice to get away from the popular modern tech look that most design sites now post. Good job!

Thanks for your kind survey of
We are making some changes which will improve the
speed at which certain segments of the site load.
We are also adding viewer requirements…which I did not want to do, but from feedback, It seems necessary.
I am also having problems with smaller monitor viewers…so we will also
make the main page load full screen (Which some people really hate) but to
serve all monitor sizes it is necessary.
Thanks again for your time-Chris