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Any suggestions for my site @

hey…the animations are great…but the only problem is that they are kind of laggy…

…but all in all itz great…!!!

yeah its a pretty cool site one thing tho it doesnt have the professional feel to it for a webdesign company that I think thats what the site is if I correct but I dont know its still pretty cool.

Thank you both for your feed back.


Are all of the animations lagging or just certain sections? I might need to cut down on the tweening a little more.


It’s my porfolio site. I have been getting into web design, but graphic design is my main focus.

You are right, it doesn’t have the so called “professional feel”. I’m a frickn’ rebel, what else can I say. When I design, I’m usually going for something different and interesting. You know, instead of the borring “professional feel”. That is if I’m not being paid to do it a certain way.

But you are right. I’m going to start a 2nd version of my site, making it more professional looking.

Since you guys more than less liked my site, you might want to check out another unprofessional site of mine. In my opinion, we need more cool sites out there.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again to both of you.

Hey 007,
I just checked out your site and I think its great
I’m in the process of building my portfolio and cv and I was begining to think I had gone a bit overboard and I was thinking about redesigning but now I’ve seen yours I’m going to carry on

great site I love it:bandit:

Thanks for your fine support, Chris.

What did you think of the 2nd site I listed?

Hi again,
nice interface, will you be continuing with the site and adding content

It would be a sin not to finish it:bandit:

As much as I’m into sinning, I do plan on finishing it. This is going to be my own personal site. This is where I’ll put my original art & music. Not sure what else, but it’s a start.

I’m working on the content and recording some songs now.

I think it will be pretty cool once I finish it.

nice sites, they’re original for sure, heh.

they’re kinda missing a professional feel like someone up above said and you haveta remember with the first one that not everyone has a high speed internet service, so they’ll lag and most probahly quit before they even experience your site


Thanks for your feed back.

So far what I’ve been hearing from people is that it runs smooth on a regular 56k modem. I am making some adjustments like less pop-up windows and less tweening to ensure it will play fast on most computers.

I’m on a 56k line and the only time it slows down is when I have several windows up in the background.

I noticed that you’re from O-town. That’s cool, I’m out in Kissimmee.

Anyway, thanks again for your response.

no problem

again, it looks really nice, and again, its different and original

you’re in Kissimmee? thats cool. good 'ole florida

awesome sites mate wish i culd make a full flash site i just make html pages with flash bits in easier haha il tell u guys when it lagswhen ur on the devil of all internet providers AOL satan certainly want on m side when mydad decided to get this **** tip bu hey im also on 56k so all is not well


I’m glad you liked my sites.

Satan has nothing on AOL. AOL is crap. I’m on a 56k but atleast I don’t have to deal with AOL.


exactly im suprised ive actually been able to upload a sit on this piece of junk my dad seems to think aol is best but its actually crap


Amen, brother. Right on.

Colors need some work, maybe make it a little more proffesional? Overall, looks like you put a lot of work into it. Keep it up.