Site check in terms of design and usability 2!

Hello all!

If it woudn’t be much of a burden I would like all you good people to visit my site KELdesigns V2.6 and give me some of your harsh words of inspiration lol! I have just completed the renovations.

Also, I have changed the color scheme, the text, and some layout. The jumping smileys are gone. New wallpapers are added and another set of source files are available for download.

PHP and MySQL backend is also added.

I need to know if the design is good, bad, or down right ugly! I also would like to know wether it answers to most common usability issues (menu system, bandwidth comsumption, loading times, scroll bars, accessability, ETC). Please do let me know of your own opinion about my site. Thanks!

KELdesigns V2.6

First off you should put a link to the site nand not count on ppl using your foot for the link.(If i missed the link in your post i apologize)

The site is looking good especialy usability wise. There isn’t a big WOW factor and i like that. You focused more on the content then the crazy thing flash can do Yet the site is far form boring and i think you where going for that so it is right on target.

THe site options where a big plus. Haveing the music off by default is very nice and the preformace control was a good idea too.

The feature section is cool but at one point it disaperd and never returned. I have no clue why but you might wnat to glitch check that.

The content was solid. There was a lot there and it was all nicely laid out and easy to follow.

Th graphics and animations are simple and clean. The frame rate seems a little slow on the animations but not overly.

I love the color scheme. It is the same as my v2.0 so i’m a little bias there. They where not hard on the eyes and used very well on the site and the content. The only suggestion graphics wise would be to skin the scroll bars a differnt color. a darker grey maybe. I have to ask what scroll bars are u using?

All and all this is a great site IMO. Lots of good content and some great navigation. Clean simple and nicely laid out.

Great job man:A+: :thumb:

EDIT: Load tiems where fast and it harldy touched my bandwidth. I never say the site slow down anything.

Ow man I forgot to place the link. Stupid me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot sintax! The scrollbar are built entirely by me! :beam:. The site is optimised for 800x600 res and Flash 5. So components are a no-no! Thanks for pointing the glitch in the features section I will look into that now!

I did “skin” the scrollbars before. It was supposed to look somewhat similar to windows xp. But having read Flash 99% bad and their first point saying: “how many scrollbars do we need?”, I figured I’d best keep it simple and native to the windows 95.

Thanks alot man!

Cool do you have tut for the scrollbars any where? Ya i would kee p the graphics for the bars the same but a little darker of a grey might help them blend in to the site a little more.

THey way you have them is a bouns though because of the fact ppl know exactly what they are.

No tutorials on scrollbars sorry, but I will give you the FLA. I hope you’ll understand and maybe like it!


Wow thanks man. I will be going threw it soon. We will have to see about the understanding part lol.

Thanks again.

hey sintax what about the pixel person! will you add it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya i’ve been planing on doing the update but I have project i have to get out of the way first. Some time soon i should be updating

hehehe thanks! by the way did you see noxious’ pixel person? on the toilet! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

ya it is one of my new favorits. I’m thinking he will go on one of the hills

That was his target he want everybody to see him “depositing” to the “bank” lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with all of sintax’s comments above - it appears to be an excellent website. However, you may want to take a look at tidying up the “Hire Me” form. None of the input boxes appear to be lined up with eachother, which results in a pretty messy appearance.

The one other thing you might want to look at is the effect you used on the submit/send/etc. buttons - it really doesn’t suit the website and spoils what appears to be an excellent website design.

Hope this helps,

Excellent, CG :slight_smile: There’s a great “flow” (I don’t know if this is English :\ ) in your site.

there are a couple of typs in there comicGeek - might want to run your txt files through a spellcheck.

the quality/speed performance option: that only seem to affect the top bar? Apart from the odd line here and there, I didn’t notice any reduction in quality elsewhere on the site - does it still increase the performance?

the only other thing I could say is that the Hire Me screen could do with a bit of changing - as JK said, the boxes should be better aligned, but also, perhaps you should consider changing those ‘Type of service’ radio buttons to tickboxes - what if a client wants more than one of those services? do they have to fill the form out again?

otherwise, a nice, well-rounded site :slight_smile:

ok i’ll redo the hire me part! The performance buttons changes the _quality setting to HIGH or LOW. It would only seem like the header is ionly one affected. If you try to run it in a slower computer you would really feel the difference.

JK87: What about the buttons? I don’t get it!

ilyas:I don’t know if this is English :\ ? What do you mean?

Buttons… buttons… buttons… rocks back and forth in his chair

Ok. Go to your website and go to the downloads page. Look in the main window that appears, which has the title “Source Files”. Look at the button that says “DOWNLOAD” near the bottom of the window…

That’s the type of button I was talking about. The effect you have used on the buttons doesn’t really appear to suit the website.

Hope this helps,

okay thanks! :slight_smile:

Great work man, really like it !
keep goiiiiin’

congratulations again,

Just uploaded the editions. I hope it’s okay! :slight_smile:

Although the new button style you’re using isn’t particularly fancy, it does suit the website and looks quite good :). You’ve also sorted out the hire me page (aligned the input boxes and added check boxes), which is far better now. Nice work :thumb:.