Site check is less populated so

could you people give comments on my new site…

thanks in advance… wait a minute, u might totally rag my site… so im not thankful, unless u like it

Not bad, wished there were more complete links :slight_smile: before I say much more.


well on a whole… that is the flash content of my page… i wish there could be more but the other page need updating much more regulary… so i had to opt for HTML

Very nice. I’ve been here longer than you, and I still cant get tha hang of some of that :-)~

The site looks really cool tdf. I like the rollovers on the main page. Nothing like a 3d stairstep effect. You really should post this in Site Check; I check it everyday and respond to all the posts that require responding =)

I’ll move it there tomorrow, so your post will be visible before it gets buried by Flash 5 questions.


okay sorry kirupa…thanks for moving it.

anything which you people think can be improved apon

Once again I liked it. although I think the graphic lines that go around tdf wrestling to be a little to flat and in contrast to the button that seem to fade into the back due to the gradient changes of the colors.

this is just my opinion and it is coming from a landscape architect so take it as you want :slight_smile:


I Like The Menu Alot, I Would Make The Pop-Up’s BG Colors The Same Colors Like The Homepage Is.

thanks for the feedback… but i dont understand matt, what do u mean… fades to the back?

please explain so i can fix it

When I said fades into the back I meant that it has a feeling of 3d, due to the gradient changes of each button in the normal and the overstates.

Such as ‘pay per view’ is in the front, and ‘roster’ and ‘other’ are farther in the back.

Does that make sense?

oh yeah i get ya, thats the effect i was after.

i thought u ment that on one of the rollovers the buttons disapear but u were complimenting me (i think)


anymore comments