Site Check

I posted a while ago and have now made significant progress on my site. Its about 70% done and there are still some rough edges than need to cleaned up (I’m sure they will be obvious). I am wondering how it looks so far and what the download time is like, also are the images blurry or too grainy?

Please let me know which photos look grainy or distorted and I will be replacing them.

thank you

Love the site, very nice transparency fx and 3d-design (where are you icu…?) Menu is cool too!
-Bottom Logo was showing only 1/2, normal? (cut after elem…)
-Once I had the menu 1/dossier clip open, everything REALLY slowed down!! Almost to the point the cursor wouldn’t move! (before you click either logic or culture, some heavy tweening in there?)
-I think the text links (logic & culture in menu clip 1) are too pale, hard to see! Better make them darker and grey them out a bit on rollover…
-Feedback: when you mouse over the right part of the word “comments” under the input box, a “c” shows up in the field?!
-and the two squares do not indicate what they are for on rollover!? which one is submit / reset, or what is their purpose?
All together, really nice!!!

Thank you so much for telling me about the mouse slow down and the reason why. Yes, those moving shapes in the mc are tweened but I did not realize that was the reason for the slow down. I will fix or remove that part. :slight_smile:

nice look… been there both times now… I think.

just one more thing. The hit spots on your words are the words themselves. You should make the fourth frame of your buttons a square rather than the word in the button. You wont see the square, but it will count for where you hit and rollover the button. :slight_smile:

nice work

yes i was going to mention about the hit spots, no need to tho.

i love the site, its really cool, i love the buttons at the top… they seem so industrial, i really like it

Well it looks ok, looks very narrow on a 19" screen at 1024 x 768 though. When I move the mouse over your navigation buttons I don’t know what i am going to click on. There should be some kind of message there to tell me where you are taking me.

It looks quite nice in overall design though, just needs to be more user friendly.