Site check please Finished !

Yeah fine :slight_smile: nice and simple to navigate, quick to load, and even having the sub sections such as flash, video etc open up in new windows was a good idea in this case. I notice your Rates button wasn’t active though.


the rates is not a button - it’s just a description and the general idea of fees is described on right side.
Thanks for the feedback.

I think you could use some better looking fonts for your pages.

Wow! It improved a lot since the first time I saw it. Only crit I have is that under the outback section the words along with the pots should be clickable.

Nice Work!

I was going to have more pots(folders) as the site grows so I can’t really have the word click along with them if there’s more than one. I see what you mean though as it stands and THANKS for the praise Nirvana =)

For Pete , I’ve been told to change my fonts before and I did! Let’s just say I can’t find the ones that everyone likes, you can always suggest a better font :stuck_out_tongue:

What an improvement indeed! My, you have been busy eh?

There are still a couple of font issues. If I were you I would invest in a book on typography or graphic design or something, I just bought a book myself and it has been very helpfull to me.

I like it :slight_smile: how many fonts u have on that splash page…keep it 2 max…

that bird scares me lol


OMG!!! Nirvana I just looked at your site - YOU DID ALL THAT!!! AT 14! !!! !!! !!!
OK , that’s it I officially give up LOLOLOL With geniuses like you about - what hope do old grannies of 44 like me have? hahahahha :stuck_out_tongue:
Brilliant site btw :slight_smile:

Oh that was quick replying - I don’t know what to do about this font problem- yes maybe I need a book. Ok I know I broke the rule about using too many fonts on splash pg - it’s because I don’t really understand fonts or typography. I just think as long as it can be read and I think the style suits , I’ll use it. Maybe I should try and create a font of my own and that way I’ll learn the diff between good and bad.
But for now, I’m going on holiday away from my page because the bird scares me too.

The font looks ****. its crap. why have those crappy trees? Jesus, you are almost as talentless as me.

jdl, wow, what do you mean geniuses, is this site genious level?? are you serious? are you really serious about that you fool?

thanks jdl! Yah, that profile is a year old. I just turned 15, I’m updating it today with my new stuff :slight_smile:

Once again, nice site, I like your style.


and dont even bother writing back to say my sites are crap too - I know they are so **** you

woah there brinton lets cool down a bit (-:

No one on gods earth could call this genious, It is ridiculous to think this **** is genious, it is not genious level, I mean come on, genious??? where is the genious??? Where am I going wrong? I try hard to make sites and now this is the latest big thing in design?

Dont think so!!!

brintonwhite - what the hell are you going on about? I never said I was a genius - I said Nirvana is AND also renagirl is a total phenomenon.
Are you drunk or on speed or something?

I know my fonts are stuffed - so what? I got the msg the first time

How dare you accuse me of drug abuse? How dare you say that?

How dare you come in here screaming at me for no reason :thumb:

BTW I can’t see a link for your site anyhow

Hey Psycho dude (BrintonWhite), Kirupa has been alerted to your posts.

jdl//This site has really come on alot since I saw it last. It’s all come together really nicely. I agree with the others about the fonts. Go to and pick two fonts for your site. One fancy/bold one for headers and titles, and a nice simple one (maybe a pixel font) for the main text. Then stick with just these two fonts throughout your site.
Another thing I feel you could address is the colour scheme. The colours are fine but because they are all so bright they clash. Try making all the colours more pastelly shades of the current ones. I think these two things will really make your site great. Also it’s good to see an older member. And female too. KF seems to be overrun by young males (like me)!

Anyway keep up the good work and follow the advice of everyone ('cept BrintonWhite) and you’re on the road to success.