Site check please

This is a concept for a portfolio site for a small production company. Im looking for any feedback about the direction of this site. We are thinking of scrapping it and going in a different direction. Please let me know what you think…

The “showcase” link, is the only one working right now.

Rock Rabbit Productions


I Like it! You should add some sound though… :thumb:

I agree.

Sound would make it a full experience. Nice job :thumb:.

Thanks for the comments. yes I agree, audio will make it much more powerful. We are in the process of building a sound studio, which is why no sound has been added yet.

Anyone else, Is the concept good? Do you think its too much?? It seems to be getting out of hand…???

I liked it pretty much… the only thing is that some of the animals, when they disappear behind a bush or something, didn’t seem to do so right. Especially the Bear, it’s like it disappears behind a tree, it doesn’t do it where you’d expect it to.

I hope this helps in some way!
By the way, I have a site for check too. (La Iglesia Atomica)

it needs a skip intro button!!! every time I look at it, i have to wait a long time for the scene to scroll down and give me a enter button!

Other than than, great site! CAn’t wait till it has sound :slight_smile:

Yeh skip intro would be nice. Cave is cool bit a bit gloomy! Overall it’s a nice concept, nice work.

Thanks for the comments. Yes there will definelty be a skip intro button!

kicks butt, will kick ***** when it has sound.


I like the concept. I agree that you need a skip intro. Also the loading text seems out of place. It was plain white and Times New Roman.

Pretty nice.
When you’re loading the “intro” as ppl are calling it, as soon as the rock shows up and you mouse over it the rabbit thing appears. I would disable that button until the full thing is done animating, cause while it’s moving down the button is annoying to track.

Once you go into a section… there is no going back? If there is there’s not an evident way to do it.

The concept is great, the rock texture is really nice too, sorta disappointed in the fire but still pretty good.

Very original.

This will be real nice when it’s refined and finished… gj

Thanks for all the comments. Some revisions are taking place and I will post the updates Friday. I would love to hear any feedback on the improvements.

Thanks again!
Gang at Rock Rabbit

your SITE! is AWSOME!! yea…add the sound, it’s a must!! id love to see the final piece ") also i think there should be a back to the dungeon button aswell the buttons in the park, need a little “added spice”