Kinali portfolio - will it give me a job?

I’m new to using forums like this and have never really been able to get critique from people who knows what they’re talking about…

So, please take a look at my fresh new flash portfolio. I put this together in order to get a job, i don’t know yet if it will pay off.

I’d love if you like to comment the stuff in my portfolio as well.

very nice site! well designed, beautiful colours! :cool:

only thing-larger menu/navigation. possibly make the profile/picture buttons larger and more visible.

It looks good. One thing, though. When you click on profile, you can still see the bottom of the portfolio content.

looks good…not sure what is going on to cause the lag. I have a fast cpu and it lagged on parts…slowed my mouse down.

Thanks everyone… I will look into what you are pointing out. But:

coolname: I can’t see what you mean? When you click on profile there is a new menu set appearing.

DDD: that’s weird… has anyone else experienced any lag?

Personally i’m not too sure about how it all is animated during the intro when the layout is extended. I don’t know how to explain it but I’d like it to feel more “rythmic” or timed if you know what i mean. Any bright ideas?

I’ve had the same problem with “choppy” animation- it’s more to do than with just the frame rate- I noticed this when I saw an animation done frame by frame and not only did it load fast without symbols but it moved more smoothly. Believe it or not but I learned that with my 13 yr old son’s first and only animation!
Yours is very Fellini like and I like the music.

You have a nice site going there. I didn’t read the critiques so I don’t if anyone has mentioned this or not. But the sounds imo do not fit the site at all. If you changed the sounds if would be much nice. And create a better atmosphere.:wink:

it also slowed my computer down

I was thinking of replacing the sounds.
Still don’t know what’s going on to create the lag on some computers. Is there any way to find out? There’s really no heavy animation at all so it should run smoothly…

New domain:

I didn’t get to see what was causing the lag, but the new version certainly needs some sort of intro animation. Perhaps even just some simple masking could give it that right flare. I for one like the sounds. It has that retro video game sound to it and I think it kinda fits the site. I love the colors you used and how the whole site has that textured look to it. I agree about the buttons, they could certainly use to stick out a little more and say “hey I’m a button, common over and click me”. All in all, great job, very smooth design!

I love this site. The subtle animation of the machiney at the top is my favourite bit. Personally I think the sounds suit the site fine. THey are both very quirky and unusual. The colours are great and nothing lagged for me. Great site good job.