Site cursor

ok i now have my cusor made in flash…
and i now want to put it on my site, my site is now a flash site but just a normal one with flash buttons and hopefully a flash cursor…so how do i put the cursor on?

Sorry, but what you want to do is just not possible, 'coz you can’t hide the cursor in html, just change it by changing some code!
If that’s ok for you, here are all the possibilities:

joe (The Eyezberg)

actually, in flash it is possible. in frame 1 of your movie insert this action:


simple as that. and for a custom cursor draw it, put the point of the cursor in the crosshair, make it an MC, then have flash do the lil startDrag(“cursor”, true); dance.

Hope I can ride this thread. :slight_smile:

I have an MC cursor all set up. What I don’t know is how to fade the MC when the mouse stops and restart the MC when the mouse moves.

You need two variables, oldMouse ond currentMouse, and constantly check (loop) if oldMouse<>from currentMouse, so if they are, that means cursor has moved and you play the clip, (_root.clipCursorAnim.gotoAndPlay),else not…Can you figure it out?

Ah! Sounds good. I’ll think about it and give it a try, thanks for the heads-up.
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Did it work out?

Well, not exactly. (grin) Your advice was a great start though and I’ve been learning a lot in any case. This is only the second or third time that I’ve actually applied some of the scripting language that I’ve been reading about to real-world problems.

The menu structure on my main timeline stops at two places to gather input from the user, so I figured that I’d set up a mouse position checking loop at those two keyframes. I don’t know if I would be better off putting the script in the actual cursorAnim MC object itself.

Anyway, I located properties called _xmouse and _ymouse and assigned currentMouse = _xmouse + _ymouse. I figured that I would use a for loop to do the checking, as in:

for (; oldMouse <> currentMouse; _root.cursorAnim.gotoAndPlay)

I don’t know how to assign oldMouse. I thought that using the expression oldMouse = _xmouse +_ymouse earlier in the frame script might produce a different value from currentMouse, but that didn’t work (the MC was constantly re-fired and crashed my browser.) Anyway, I figured that there was something that I was missing or an easier way to go about this. Maybe I’m putting the script in the wrong places or the way that I’ve set up my site doesn’t lend itself to this sort of thing, (the main timeline uses gotoAndPlay, but submenus are all loaded via. loadMovieNum). I’m also not experienced with using loops.

Man, I have a feeling that I’m going to be so lost when I start trying to learn more about server-side programming and C++. Ah well, a little bit every day I guess (smile).

if you have an object action, you would do this:

x = _xmouse;
etc…//omit this line

if it’s a frame action…

Frame 1
x = _xmouse;

Frame 2
gotoAndPlay(_currentframe-1);//just in case frame isn’t 2

personally, i like the second method better cause onClipEvents and _xmouse/_ymouse can be a lil buggy.

Just wanted to thank everyone for your help again. I actually managed to hammer out a passable cursor with nifty trailing bits. I’m reworking the site to include some suggestions that I garnered from this message area and some ideas that I’ve been mulling over. The next version of the site should be more interesting. :slight_smile: