Site Design

Hi People

I built this site a while back, comments would be appreciated,, my main priority is to improve the page turn speed



Basically to make it run better your going to want to load in pictures of what the contents design will look like on the page then once its fully flipped load in the real content overwriting the image that was there.

Other than that nice design.

I think it is quite slow when I drag and change a page to another.

Nicely designed, but as mentioned, a bit slow to load.

I like the idea of flipping the pages, and it looks good, but if it were me I would make the final page content maintain the illusion of the book throughout - so leave the centre fold there even when the page is completely flipped over, and have everything on either one page or the other. (ie. no text spanning the centrefold, as on your Services & Prices page, rather than as on your Extensions page.)

Thanks for the comments, I might set to work and try that, good news also , I think I can solve the flipping speed to make it all loveely and smooth.